Romance Character Tournaments

Romance Character Tournaments

Brain to Books Cyber Convention 2018

Join us as characters from the romance genre at the Brain to Books Cyber Convention go head to head! April 6, 7, & 8.

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Winner: Dorothy Blake Turner by Tiffany ApanTotal Entry Votes: 8

Dorothy Elizabeth Blake was born inside an old mid 19th century home in Plains, New York, a small suburban town outside of the city. She came into the world at the stroke of midnight on December 1, 1913, letting out her first cries as the grandfather clock in the hallway tolled the twelfth chime.
Dorothy’s parents are Matthew Charles Blake and Elizabeth Alice Blake (nee, Winthrop). Her father is ¾ Irish and ¼ Native American (Dakota Sioux with a touch of Ojibwe). He is a grandson of Jonathan, a young Irish immigrant of the earlier part of the 19th century, and Kimimela, a young woman from a Dakota Sioux encampment who married Jonathan. Circumstances surrounding the family of Dorothy’s mother, Elizabeth (or “Liz” as Matthew calls her), is one of several shrouded mysteries haunting the family. Dorothy is also an only child as Matthew and Liz had much difficulty in conceiving. Even Liz’s pregnancy with Dorothy was a difficult and high risk one (she was confined to the bedroom during the last months until after she gave birth).
Growing up, Dorothy was a quiet but precocious child and the light of her parents’ life, especially her father who was quite protective. For a reason he can’t explain, the old Fleming Orphanage that had been abandoned since the latter part of the 19th century is an area of town that he feels strongly repelled by and a place he does not want Dorothy going near. Matthew’s second cousin, Tahatan (a full-blooded AmerIndian who is a spiritualist and healer following in the footsteps of their great-grandfather Howahkan), confirms the validity of those fears, though can’t fully explain why as of yet.
As Dorothy grows, she spends much of her childhood in Plains, playing with her two best friends Linda Parker and Gail Carr. While Gail is the most outspoken and brash of the three, Linda exudes being softer, more feminine, and very high maintenance. Dorothy’s strong but quiet energy offers them a balance. While she and Gail share a lot of opinions regarding politics and women’s issues, Dorothy is more reserved and not as bold as her friend. When it comes to Linda, Dorothy doesn’t get the concept of having one’s life completely revolve around cosmetics, the latest fashions, and one’s boyfriend (Linda views her boyfriend Jimmy Kratz as her entire world), but she does have romantic feelings for Carl Turner, one of their classmates and a popular though wayward young man. Feelings she harbored since their freshman year of high school. Her crush on him is revealed to Gail and Linda just prior to their senior year and of course Linda, who has been determined to find a guy for Dorothy, intercedes in getting the message of her friend’s feelings to Carl.
At first, Dorothy is horrified and furious with Linda, but that horror and anger subsides when Carl starts showing a little interest. Shortly thereafter, Carl and Dorothy start going together and slowly build their relationship.
As their relationship builds itself and the feelings the two have for one another grow, events also begin to unravel, including dark events from Carl’s past and the mysterious events haunting and hovering over Dorothy’s family. Their relationship and feelings the two have for one another is put through what seems like a neverending test. When all hell starts to break loose and the supernatural reveals itself, there seem to be forces that will stop at nothing to keep the young couple apart, and the question of why they are being targeted is raised.
In Descent (The Birthrite, #1) and throughout the series, the devotion that Carl and Dorothy have for one another faces one challenge after another, and the question of how the two will stay together, persevering against the odds and their love remaining unconditional is constant.

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Ranking Explained
  1. 1.2 Dorothy Blake Turner by Tiffany Apan 100%2 FINAL Votes8 Total Votes
  2. 2.1 Doctor Oliver Barren Sears 100%0 FINAL Votes10 Total Votes
  3. 3.4 Maxine Fleming Spotlight by Tiffany Apan 87.5%2 SEMIS Votes7 Total Votes
  4. 4.3 Harlisisle by A.M. Nestler 87.5%1 SEMIS Vote7 Total Votes
  5. 5.7 Darielle by A.M. Nestler 62.5%3 RD8 Votes5 Total Votes
  6. 6.5 Gail Carr Johnson by Tiffany Apan 12.5%1 RD8 Vote1 Total Votes
  7. 7.8 Max Alexander from Escape by Cybill Cain 0.00%0 RD8 Votes0 Total Votes
  8. 8.6 Addanc by A.M. Nestler 0.00%0 RD8 Votes0 Total Votes