B2BCYCON Horror/Thriller Face-Off

B2BCYCON Horror/Thriller Face-Off

Character Tournament

Welcome to the B2BCYCON Horror/Thriller Character Tournament! Heroes, villains and denizens from Hell go head-to head. Vote for your favourite and watch the blood spill.

Created by Anita
Winner: LilithTotal Entry Votes: 26

Mother of demons, older than the Earth, with a homicidal and lustful nature. She enjoys creating mischief and making humans suffer. She has red hair and green eyes and can look like a human or a demon depending on her will.

Powers: She has the power of life and death, manipulation and seduction.

Weaknesses: She feels unworthy of love and is frequently blinded by fury.

0/1 Picks Made Voting is closed.Total Bracket Votes:90


Ranking Explained
  1. 1.5 Lilith 100%13 FINAL Votes26 Total Votes
  2. 2.2 Travis Malone 100%12 FINAL Votes31 Total Votes
  3. 3.8 Jesse Lynn Belle 50.0%Eliminated SEMIS - 6 Votes13 Total Votes
  4. 4.3 Satori aka Steve 50.0%Eliminated SEMIS - 5 Votes13 Total Votes
  5. 5.1 Lavinia Maud 15.4%Eliminated RD8 - 4 Votes4 Total Votes
  6. 6.4 Balthazar 7.69%Eliminated RD8 - 2 Votes2 Total Votes
  7. 7.6 The Venihi 3.85%Eliminated RD8 - 1 Votes1 Total Votes
  8. 8.7 Zeeka 0.00%Eliminated RD8 - 0 Votes0 Total Votes