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Winner: Tell her you have a boyfriend...Yeah, He's everything I never knew I wanted (TRLT)Total Entry Votes: 1910
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  1. 1. Tell her you have a boyfriend...Yeah, He's everything I never knew I wanted (TRLT) 100%304 FINAL Votes1910 Total Votes
  2. 2. Love is hard work, Oliver. It's always trying to find that balance between too much and too little, too high, and too low. We never get it perfect. (TBT) 95.4%178 FINAL Votes1822 Total Votes
  3. 3. Perfect love casts out all that pain, all that fear, and replaces it with hope. And hope is what you were asking for in that letter. And every Christmas since, hope is what you have been given. (For Christmas) 87.8%Eliminated SEMIS - 289 Votes1677 Total Votes
  4. 4. "We're gonna need some proof of life here..." "Well, I'm talking to ya aren't I, ya moron." (OIAM) 74.8%Eliminated SEMIS - 189 Votes1428 Total Votes
  5. 5. Nah, it's too hard to sing when you're packin'. (LWY) 54.8%Eliminated RD8 - 189 Votes1046 Total Votes
  6. 6. Thank you for saving my life. (LWY) 62.7%Eliminated RD8 - 160 Votes1197 Total Votes
  7. 7. Forgiveness is doing the right thing Oliver. That has to happen first, and then you'll just...know what to do next. (FPWL) 56.0%Eliminated RD8 - 126 Votes1070 Total Votes
  8. 8. We don't find the dead letters; they find us - just in time to be delivered. I call it "Oliver's Divine Delivery Theory." (LWY) 57.3%Eliminated RD8 - 125 Votes1095 Total Votes
  9. 9. Stupid thing! What the Sam Hill! (TBT) 45.7%Eliminated RD16 - 227 Votes872 Total Votes
  10. 10. I like you. Don't blow it. (Soulmates) 41.3%Eliminated RD16 - 214 Votes788 Total Votes
  11. 11. There is nothing crazy about falling in love...even when something tells you against all common sense that you have met the one you've been waiting for all your life. (Treasure Box) 46.5%Eliminated RD16 - 196 Votes888 Total Votes
  12. 12. Voicemail. I abhor voicemail. (TBT) 37.9%Eliminated RD16 - 184 Votes723 Total Votes
  13. 13. There is only One Person I know who's in charge of that. Everyone else we just have to forgive for being human. (TRLT) 41.9%Eliminated RD16 - 161 Votes801 Total Votes
  14. 14. It's about being taught to be honest and fair and excellent and kind and deciding that you want to be those things. (TBT) 39.9%Eliminated RD16 - 142 Votes762 Total Votes
  15. 15. I only dance with you. (OIAM / Home Again) 42.9%Eliminated RD16 - 126 Votes820 Total Votes
  16. 16. You never have enough money if all you have is money. (TBT) 34.4%Eliminated RD16 - 69 Votes657 Total Votes
  17. 17. Well. Nothing says I love you like crabs. (HaaF) 30.3%Eliminated RD32 - 222 Votes579 Total Votes
  18. 18. I have no plans to leave...if it matters. It matters. (TBT) 31.6%Eliminated RD32 - 212 Votes604 Total Votes
  19. 19. "You never know when Gramma might go rogue on you." "No. You don't." (TTSL) 26.0%Eliminated RD32 - 207 Votes497 Total Votes
  20. 20. There's been too much leaving in this family. Let's not do that anymore. (LWY) 24.9%Eliminated RD32 - 193 Votes476 Total Votes
  21. 21. Luck is the religion of the lazy. (Pilot / LWY) 32.9%Eliminated RD32 - 187 Votes628 Total Votes
  22. 22. "She insisted on helping with the decorations too. But where is she now?" "I don't know." "Well...she's dead." (For Christmas) 23.7%Eliminated RD32 - 174 Votes453 Total Votes
  23. 23. So you mean, you're competitive too. (Higher Ground) 24.8%Eliminated RD32 - 173 Votes473 Total Votes
  24. 24. If word gets out before we know what we're dealing with, we could have rampant hysteria running all over the place. (OIAM) 25.5%Eliminated RD32 - 169 Votes488 Total Votes
  25. 25. What is gentle and beautiful and joyful is worth fighting to preserve, and it's also why we honor those who fight. (Impossible Dream) 27.3%Eliminated RD32 - 160 Votes522 Total Votes
  26. 26. In this moment, I want to walk over to you, put my arms around you & hold you & tell you that everything is gonna be okay. (TBT) 32.7%Eliminated RD32 - 151 Votes625 Total Votes
  27. 27. I guess I don't pray to change God. I pray to change me. (LWY) 26.5%Eliminated RD32 - 149 Votes506 Total Votes
  28. 28. I went out and I bought a porch swing. (FPWL) 27.9%Eliminated RD32 - 129 Votes532 Total Votes
  29. 29. There are no small miracles, Oliver, only big miracles. They only seem small because we stand so far away from them. (TTSL) 26.3%Eliminated RD32 - 129 Votes503 Total Votes
  30. 30. I don't think that I'll make you as happy as you make me, but I'm gonna try every day for the rest of my life. (Higher Ground) 28.0%Eliminated RD32 - 126 Votes535 Total Votes
  31. 31. "Oh me of little faith." "All it takes is a little." (OIAM) 20.8%Eliminated RD32 - 104 Votes397 Total Votes
  32. 32. The few, the proud, the postal. (Pilot / Impossible Dream) 18.5%Eliminated RD32 - 86 Votes354 Total Votes
  33. 33. I need chocolate. No, serious, serious chocolate. (Higher Ground) 13.3%Eliminated RD64 - 254 Votes254 Total Votes
  34. 34. What a family. (Impossible Dream) 12.8%Eliminated RD64 - 244 Votes245 Total Votes
  35. 35. Poker. I love poker. (Higher Ground) 12.7%Eliminated RD64 - 243 Votes243 Total Votes
  36. 36. Coincidence is the middle name of the Almighty (Pilot) 12.6%Eliminated RD64 - 241 Votes241 Total Votes
  37. 37. You gotta hand all that over to the Lord. And you gotta keep singing. (Higher Ground) 12.1%Eliminated RD64 - 231 Votes231 Total Votes
  38. 38. Oh well I never thought I'd need to be serviced so soon. (FPWL) 12.1%Eliminated RD64 - 231 Votes231 Total Votes
  39. 39. One must never regret an act of love. (OIAM) 11.9%Eliminated RD64 - 227 Votes227 Total Votes
  40. 40. I see you...stop it (OIAM) 11.6%Eliminated RD64 - 222 Votes222 Total Votes
  41. 41. Go away and hurry. (The Masterpiece) 11.5%Eliminated RD64 - 220 Votes220 Total Votes
  42. 42. And you said you wanted a salad, but that's a science experiment. (TWIMC) 10.8%Eliminated RD64 - 206 Votes206 Total Votes
  43. 43. Somebody named Providence and an ugly chick name Katherine. (Treasure Box) 10.5%Eliminated RD64 - 201 Votes201 Total Votes
  44. 44. Once we face the things that we fear they no longer have power over us. No? (FPWL) 9.95%Eliminated RD64 - 190 Votes190 Total Votes
  45. 45. Was that a feeling or a fortune cookie Ms. McInerney? (DON Ep8) 9.84%Eliminated RD64 - 188 Votes188 Total Votes
  46. 46. Don't wait for the pain to go away Ollie. Just...just leave it here on the mountain. (LWY) 9.01%Eliminated RD64 - 170 Votes172 Total Votes
  47. 47. A girl can accomplish great things when she’s free to do them. (Impossible Dream) 8.59%Eliminated RD64 - 164 Votes164 Total Votes
  48. 48. "It's some kind of fancy language, like Greek or Peruvian..." "It's Latin." "Or Latin." (OIAM) 8.53%Eliminated RD64 - 163 Votes163 Total Votes
  49. 49. What good is a letter if you don't mail it. (OIAM) 8.32%Eliminated RD64 - 159 Votes159 Total Votes
  50. 50. And remember tears may come at night, but there is always joy in the morning. (FTH) 7.75%Eliminated RD64 - 148 Votes148 Total Votes
  51. 51. You can't start a marriage holding back a piece of your heart. You're better off giving her all of it from the beginning and just pray she wants to keep it. (TRLT) 7.70%Eliminated RD64 - 147 Votes147 Total Votes
  52. 52. Too cold for me. Too cold for you. (FPWL) 7.49%Eliminated RD64 - 143 Votes143 Total Votes
  53. 53. Go home, relax, putter...check your mail! (FTH) 7.23%Eliminated RD64 - 138 Votes138 Total Votes
  54. 54. With God and the U.S. Postal Service, nothing is impossible Norman. (TBT) 7.12%Eliminated RD64 - 136 Votes136 Total Votes
  55. 55. We could, but then I'd have to let go. (Higher Ground) 6.70%Eliminated RD64 - 128 Votes128 Total Votes
  56. 56. And look, it's handmade. Somebody really cares about somebody. (FTH) 6.18%Eliminated RD64 - 118 Votes118 Total Votes
  57. 57. He sees the world the same way I do, and he always tries to find something beautiful in it. He's exactly what I imagined, Daddy. Because I imagined somebody like you. (Home Again) 5.97%Eliminated RD64 - 112 Votes114 Total Votes
  58. 58. There's a vast difference between choosing a good man and finding the right man. I hope you don't give up until you find both. (OIAM) 5.86%Eliminated RD64 - 112 Votes112 Total Votes
  59. 59. Once you know how strong you are - that no matter how tough it gets you can't be squashed, you stop worrying about all the things that you can't do, and you start dreaming of all the things that you can do. (The Future Me) 4.92%Eliminated RD64 - 94 Votes94 Total Votes
  60. 60. Poinsettias have no fragrance. (For Christmas) 4.29%Eliminated RD64 - 82 Votes82 Total Votes
  61. 61. I, um, recently had my apartment fumigated. (Something Good) 4.35%Eliminated RD64 - 81 Votes83 Total Votes
  62. 62. Norman that's impossible. Wherever I go, I will always carry you with me. (FTH) 3.30%Eliminated RD64 - 63 Votes63 Total Votes
  63. 63. Oh Norman, if you ever leave me, I’m coming with you! (LWY) 3.09%Eliminated RD64 - 59 Votes59 Total Votes
  64. 64. That day that I met Rita and she asked me my name, it just all came out at once. It was the first time that I'd ever told anybody my real name. 'Cause I guess I just felt safe with her. (FPWL) 2.46%Eliminated RD64 - 47 Votes47 Total Votes