Mayweather vs McGregor Live Stream

Mayweather vs McGregor Live Stream

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To Conor McGregor, setting out to venture into the remote place that is known for a boxing ring to meet the unbelievable Floyd Mayweather Jr., is the most recent case of his interest to do what few trust him prepared to do.

"This is heritage. This is individuals questioning me, doubting my range of abilities — talking as though I'm a tenderfoot, talking as though I haven't been doing this my whole life," McGregor told the Los Angeles Times as his media day opened Friday at the UFC Performance Institute. "I've been battling since the very beginning and I'm the best of the best. I can battle in many structures. This here is Bruce Lee [stuff], that is the place my brain is at."

McGregor, 29, has made his profession as the UFC's first-historically speaking concurrent two-belt champion by squeezing to go up against challenges that appeared to be excessively brave, such as going up against 10-year-unbeaten featherweight champion Jose Aldo, such as requesting another shot at 170 pounds against Nate Diaz, and like looking for the twofold belt accomplishment in November against Eddie Alvarez.

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