B2B CyCon 2017 Cover Wars

B2B CyCon 2017 Cover Wars

Fantasy/ Science Fiction/ Science Fantasy

Cover Wars for Fantasy/ Science Fiction/ Science Fantasy B2B CyCon 2017

Created by Angell Enterprises
Winner: The Curious Tale of GabrielleTotal Entry Votes: 222

The First Book in The Gabrielle Series, a YA Fantasy with Time-Travel and Paranormal Twists Steeped in Druid Lore!

When Gabrielle moves to the small town of Envisage, she is drawn to a hidden antique shop and its mysterious owner. She's given a strange gift and suddenly finds herself in the middle of an epic battle between good and evil.

Follow Gabrielle as she ventures through the lives of many with the experience of only her own. It's a journey through history, life, and love unlike anything that could be imagined--except perhaps by a curious young girl.

Voting is closed.Total Bracket Votes:1,888


Ranking Explained
  1. 1.8 The Curious Tale of Gabrielle 100%27 FINAL Votes222 Total Votes
  2. 2.6 The Shadow of Narwyrm: (Rangers of Laerean, #3) 79.3%14 FINAL Votes176 Total Votes
  3. 3.12 Nite Fire: Flash Point 69.4%20 SEMIS Votes154 Total Votes
  4. 4.7 The Day the Sky Fell (The Yellow Hoods #5): Steampunk meets Fairy tale 54.5%13 SEMIS Votes121 Total Votes
  5. 5.15 The Rite of Wands 65.3%32 RD8 Votes145 Total Votes
  6. 6.14 Through Golden Eyes: The Occuli, Zias' Story (The Occuli Book Series 2) 51.4%29 RD8 Votes114 Total Votes
  7. 7.13 Complicated Blue: The Extraordinary Adventures of the Good Witch Anaïs Blue 46.4%18 RD8 Votes103 Total Votes
  8. 8.16 The Curiosity and The Sentient's Oblation 50.0%14 RD8 Votes111 Total Votes
  9. 9.5 Takers (Apocalypse in Eden Book 1) 45.5%62 RD16 Votes101 Total Votes
  10. 10.3 Airwoman: Book 1 42.8%61 RD16 Votes95 Total Votes
  11. 11.9 Tomoiya's Story: Escape To Darkness 51.8%60 RD16 Votes115 Total Votes
  12. 12.2 Fire's Love: Revised Edition - a second chance romance, good demon bad boy falls in love (Elemental Series Book 1) 49.5%60 RD16 Votes110 Total Votes
  13. 13.10 Clara's Return (Stories of Lorst Book 2) 44.6%58 RD16 Votes99 Total Votes
  14. 14.4 Ours is the Storm 32.4%50 RD16 Votes72 Total Votes
  15. 15.1 The Curiosity and the Hounds of Arawn 36.5%49 RD16 Votes81 Total Votes
  16. 16.11 The Peaks of Autumn: (An Epic Fantasy Novel) (Book of Never: 4) 31.1%45 RD16 Votes69 Total Votes