The Disney Wizards Duel Vol. 2

The Disney Wizards Duel Vol. 2

From the Top Shelf Disney Animation Studios Library podcast

We decided to ask the listeners who they think would dominate in a battle royale of all magic users from the first 20 films in the Disney Animation Studios Library. Cast your vote now, and listen to the next episode of Top Shelf over at to find out who comes out on top.

Created by Pesky Hair
Current Leader: MaleficentTotal Entry Votes: 43

A dark fairy and the "Mistress of All Evil" who curses a baby out of spite. Has the ability to shape shift into a dragon and is the only character to openly draw upon the powers of hell.

0/15 Picks Made Ends: 18D16H52M57STotal Bracket Votes:328


Ranking Explained
  1. 1.11 Maleficent 100%8 FINAL Votes43 Total Votes
  2. 2.8 Merlin 76.7%2 FINAL Votes33 Total Votes
  3. 3.13 Fairy Godmother 58.1%4 SEMIS Votes25 Total Votes
  4. 4.15 The Cheshire Cat 53.5%2 SEMIS Votes23 Total Votes
  5. 5.16 The Blue Fairy 69.8%7 RD8 Votes30 Total Votes
  6. 6.5 Tinkerbell 51.2%5 RD8 Votes22 Total Votes
  7. 7.7 The Coachman 51.2%5 RD8 Votes22 Total Votes
  8. 8.3 The Evil Witch 58.1%3 RD8 Votes25 Total Votes
  9. 9.4 Peter Pan 44.2%12 RD16 Votes19 Total Votes
  10. 10.2 Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather 39.5%11 RD16 Votes17 Total Votes
  11. 11.1 Yensid the Sorcerer 44.2%9 RD16 Votes19 Total Votes
  12. 12.6 Mickey, the Sorcerer's Apprentice 39.5%8 RD16 Votes17 Total Votes
  13. 13.10 Johnny's Angel 16.3%7 RD16 Votes7 Total Votes
  14. 14.12 Czernobog 25.6%6 RD16 Votes11 Total Votes
  15. 15.14 Mad Madam Mim 25.6%5 RD16 Votes11 Total Votes
  16. 16.9 Jose Carioca 9.30%4 RD16 Votes4 Total Votes